The Borsos family

The Borsos family of eight members lives in the village of Csanytelek, Csongrád county, Hungary. The everyday life and the problems of the family are perfect reflections of the problems of eastern Hungary. The main income of the family is the state aid they receive after each child, altogether 460 USD per month at the moment. Their disadvantaged situation under the poverty threshold is not unique: quarter of the population lives below the poverty line in Hungary and more than 9% in extreme poverty. 

Mária and József not only have to deal with the difficulties of upbringing 6 children in their everyday lives but also with the unemployment typical to the area. Both of them tries to do seasonal work in order to raise the monthly wage, but this work is as casual as underpaid. 

The bonds between parents and children are much stronger than the problems they have to face day by day, although living within the limits set by poverty.